Useful Resources

This is an excellent resource for determining what genetics your Catahoula may have. Mary Langevin is one of the premier Catahoula coat experts in the world. She has written a book and continues to push the understanding of the genetic back ground of Catahoulas. She also has her own Catahoulas that are worth checking out

The National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas is the governing body over the breed in the United States. This is an excellent resource for events and shows that you may be interested in attending with your Catahoula.

Abney Catahoulas is another breeder with a very knowledgeable background. Don has published many books on the Catahoula and is definitely worth checking out if you have questions about breed standards or expectations.

Barn hunt is a fun event that you and your Catahoula may enjoy together, I know that we have! The basic idea of barn hunt is to train your Catahoula to learn to hunt for rats. This is a very safe and fun environment, no rats are harmed in the process and the dogs love it!

Early Neurological Stimulation for Puppies