Quick Update

Puppies are starting to move around and show some early signs of personality.

They are moving between the whelping box and sleeping bed. In the next few weeks we will have a much better understanding of each dogs personality. That is the point which we will start contacting potential owners.

Deposits and Waiting List

First, we want to thank everyone for your support and for following us throughout this whelping! It has been a tremendous pleasure emailing and talking to each of you and posting updates and photos.

At this point, we have enough deposits, and our waiting list is long enough that we are no longer adding names for this litter. However, we anticipate at least one, if not two litters in 2018 and are accepting deposits for them now. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Again, thank you so much!

Katie and Mark

Next up are these two sweethearts! Thank you Katie for taking them out for some hunting exposure.

Day Three – ENS

On day three, we will start Early Neurological Stimulation. This is a program that the US military developed for dogs in the service. It is a tried and true method developed to help puppies deal with stress better as adults. Here is a great article and a video if you want to learn more.

Breeding Better Dogs

These links are also available in the Resources page

Also, I have added new photos and videos into the Dec 12 Litter page. There are videos that are from whelping, which are a little more graphic and videos after the whelping, which are more family friendly. I will continue to add photos and videos to those pages so please check back frequently.

We are still looking for name ideas! We need B names for the male puppies. Get creative and leave the names in the comments! Thanks


Whelping Pictures!

I have added a new page for the photos from yesterday.

Mamma and puppies are doing great!

As we handle the puppies more, we will start taking photos of them individually.

This is our “B” liter, so we are looking for good “B” nicknames – please tell us what you think we should call these little guys!

Final tally was 8 puppies. 7 males, one female. One red solid, 2 red patchworks, 5 blue patchworks.

Thank you again everyone who watched and commented yesterday during the birth.